Teaming Up to Help a Marine

Home for the Holidays helped to fulfill a San Diego Marine’s Christmas wish. Lance Corporal Marvin’s Family Readiness Office (FRO) had concerns about Marvin’s ability to focus on getting ready for his first deployment.

Marvin’s mother, Becky Lee, lived alone in Louisiana on a very meager income. She is extremely supportive of her son’s service and deeply patriotic towards her country.  It is hard to think of a prouder mom, or one more thankful that the Marine Corps were taking care of her son.

Home for the Holidays provided financial assistance so Marvin could go home to visit his mother for Christmas and ensure that her home was ready to endure the harsh winter weather. Since returning from deployment, Marvin has expressed his appreciation by spreading the word about our services and representing Home for the Holidays at special events.  

​Sweet Home Alabama

An award from Home for the Holidays allowed Edward and Michelle to travel to Alabama with their 18-month-old son, Kolten, to see Edward’s aging parents.  Edward’s father has been very sick, in and out of the hospital with a heart condition and knee problems.  Edward is active duty military. They wanted to see his parents before he is deployed again, but could not afford to pay for the trip. The family had been deployed to Japan for two years while Michelle was pregnant.  When their son was born with a bilateral cleft, the military relocated them back to San Diego to get treatment at Rady Children’s Hospital.  Now he is a happy, healthy boy.

Although the family had saved money for their new baby, all was depleted to cover their son’s doctor and medical bills.  Eventually, they even had to go off of the military insurance plan so their son could see a doctor specializing in his condition.

The timing of their trip to Alabama could not have been better.  Edward’s father’s health had improved significantly and he was able to get to know and play with his grandson.  In the meantime, Edward’s mother’s health had declined and they helped move her into facilitated care while they were in town.